Mixing Shades & Colors
Set aside half a log (3"x1") of a solid color. Mix white (1"x1") with the remaining half (3"x1") of the solid color. Continue mixing equal portions of white to half of each achieved shade until you have eight shades in all.
Lay a sheet of a light shade on top of a sheet of the darkest shade of the color. Roll up to form a Jellyroll log. Roll out, cut into 4 equal pieces. Put the 4 logs together, roll out and cut a piece 3" for the center of the flower. Roll out remaining log and cut into 6 equal 3" pieces.
Around a log of the darkest shade, wrap sheets of progressively lighter shades of clay to form petals. Make slices down entire length of petal log.
Place thin sheets of dark shade down the sliced area. Wrap log with dark clay. Reduce by rolling and cut into 6 equal pieces (3").
Place the six petal logs around the 3" jellyroll log. Form the 6 remaining jellyrolls into triangle shaped logs and place between the petals on the outside.
Pack the cane together tightly before rolling and stretching to reduce in size. Take slices from the cane to use in your piece. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for baking temperature and times.
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